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I recieved this same letter a few days ago.It was a 3 page summary invitation into secret association of gifted individuals.

There is repeated phases that this is a secret and warns not to tell anyone else. It promises overwhelming life changes. It immediately proclaimed that I had been screened and found to share same special talents. Their was no demand for money or any thing except to return back page within 3 days.

I am not sure what this is all concerning. It just does not sound right.

I am also courious as to how this scam works. Has anyone ever responded as directed?

If so, was their any further communication?

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Kenansville, Florida, United States #802903

My 17 yr. Old has received one.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #705468

Don't answer them they ask u to buy a book so throw the letter away it's not worth ur time it's a scam

Lowell, Massachusetts, United States #691884

is the secret society real

Los Angeles, California, United States #657255

my fiancee received this letter- he asked me to read it over and give him my opinion....his letter was signed by a Bill.when i read about Bill and his so-called childhood- it was exactly former president Bill Clinton's life.

the things people say and do these days just to take advantage of others.

it's so pathetic.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #650516

I received a 10 page letter and an invitation today.I'm going to check the box fax it since I see know one has tried returning the letter.

I too ordered the Kevin Trudeau's book on Free Money so I'm assuming that is how they got my information. The letter is dated May 11, 2013 and postmarked May 10, 2013 then signed "Bill." If he's supposed to be one of the most powerful men in the world like he stated in the letter then my fax should be going to Bill Gates, Bill Clinton or Bill Gross.

We'll see.I am book marking this web site so I can come back and inform the masses.

to undesided Hollywood, Florida, United States #657629

why he never come back to write anything

Los Angeles, California, United States #645666

sell your SOUL!!!


LOL just got a 12p. letter today, Im going to change some numbers on it and put the Police Department address on the return letter.:roll

to Angel4u #596441

Great idea. I think I will see if they will mail it to themselves. LOL while PDDLG.


I just got my letter today.As i was reading it i got excited because I felt like I was in so Harry Potter like ***.

But after, then I noticed in the letter, it says, "he looked me in the eyes and said kevin, i know you're special." and then the letter was signed John. So i knew there was something suspicious. Then I looked up the poker and book and it told me about Frank Wallace.

Thank you for responding and stopping me from sending in an answer.What creeps me out though and why Im WTF is how they have my full name, and my address.

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